Exciting News!

Exciting News! I got asked to join a gothic belly dance team (^__^), I had my first show last night which was awesome! So hopefully this will help give me some ideas for new products. The menswear is section is underway and models are being arranged. I would also like to add that if you link to this SITE/MY ETSY shop please inform me first/afterward, and ask before using pictures.  Oddly the local Hancock does not sell grommet tape, even though they sold it in the past {sparingly} before they moved. Hopefully someone reading this knows where I can get affordable grommet tape by the spool.  I am also on the Etsy Dark Side street team. I am also looking for places to have my site/items reviews in the future along with online consignment shops, that don’t mind taking products with a dark nature. The FAQ is located here.